5 Piece Deaf Culture 101 Set with free shipping.

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Now you can have a COMPLETE 5 piece Deaf Culture 101 Set with autographed Deaf Culture 101 book along with brand new 4-DVD Set called "Deaf Culture 101: Explained, Vol. 1-4". These DVDs will help you understand the history and current situation/problems/issues between Deaf and hearing worlds.

Newsflash.. Everyone are looking for helpful answers to some of the challenging questions from our high demanded Deaf Culture 101 Book. So, the 4-DVD set will help you. So perfect for the classroom use!!!!

No kidding, you will be exposed to over 10,000 words / phrases from a Deaf professor with years of experience working with Deaf and hearing families as well as professionals.

Benefits from the 4-DVD Deaf Culture 101 set are:

  • Answer key to many questions from Deaf Culture 101 Book!
  • No audio, no captions better for advanced signers and interpreters
  • Expose to over 10,000 words throughout the 4-DVD Set
  • Learn from a Deaf person's perspective
  • Resourceful for families, teachers, counselors and more
  • Powerful message and guidance to successful unity among groups
  • Observe how classifiers and advanced ASL are being used
  • This 4-DVD set complements with popular Deaf Culture 101 book
  • Perfect interpreting and advanced ASL class testing materials
  • Instrumental for those who strives to overcome oppression
  • Lots of information about Deaf Culture never taught anywhere
  • Designed as curriculum materials for all Deaf Culture programs

Deaf Culture 101: A Visual Reference to Deaf Culture, American Sign Language and ASL Interpreting autographed photo book (11 inches by 11.25 inches big) contains memoirs, stories and 535 questions about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language and ASL interpreting.  This nearly 1-pound book a collection of years and years of Deaf Culture that are put together in one book.  A must have for every ASL student, teacher, interpreter, professional, family member and everyone!

This visual-rich photo book is designed best for ASL classes at high schools, adult education programs, colleges and universities as a curriculum material!  Every page is in FULL COLOR and on very thick high quality paper.

All DVDs have no audio or open/closed captioning for advanced ASL / interpreter training purposes. All brand new DVDs will be in eco-friendly DVD sleeve to help customers save money. Each disc is clearly labeled for your convenience. The pictures shown above are for illustration only and are not printed on any DVDs. Once the set ships, you will receive tracking information via email at no cost.