Sign Language 101: A Beginner's Guide to American Sign Language

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Over 1 million units sold!  This DVD is ranked number 1 sign language DVD in the world.

This product is a perfect way to start learning American Sign Language - a MUST HAVE FOR ALL ASL STUDENTS, TEACHERS, FAMILIES and every one else. 

This 75-minute DVD (1 hour and 15 minutes) are broken down into easy to navigate chapters as follows: 

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: ASL Alphabet 
Chapter 3: ASL Numbers 
Chapter 4: ASL Colors 
Chapter 5: Everyday Words 
Chapter 6: Basic Sentences 
Chapter 7: Grammar and Sentence Structures 

4 Subchapters 

  • Subchapter 1: Personal & Possessive Pronouns 
  • Subchapter 2: Wh-Word Questions 
  • Subchapter 3: Yes/No Questions 
  • Subchapter 4: Rhetorical Questions 

Chapter 8: Mother's Day Vocabulary 
Chapter 9: Graduation Day Vocabulary 
Chapter 10: Thanksgiving Day Vocabulary 
Chapter 11: New Year's Day Vocabulary 
Chapter 12: Bonus: Months of the Year 
Chapter 13: More Everyday Words
Chapter 14: ASL Idioms & Phrases 
Chapter 15: Deaf Culture 101

8 Subchapters 

  • Subchapter 1: What is American Sign Language? 
  • Subchapter 2: Do's & Don'ts with the Deaf Community 
  • Subchapter 3: Quick Facts About Fingerspelling 
  • Subchapter 4: Which Hand do I Use to Fingerspell? 
  • Subchapter 5: Which Sign is Correct? 
  • Subchapter 6: Why are There No Voices? 
  • Subchapter 7: Why Capital "D" for Deaf? 
  • Subchapter 8: Where Can I Find an ASL Class? 

Chapter 16: Bonus! ASL Music Video: Goodbye, My Friend 
Chapter 17: Learn More! 
Chapter 18: About

This DVD is awesome as self-study material, use in classroom, distance learning, teaching, tutoring and countless other ways to learn American Sign Language with three ASL professors.